Primary / Essential Thrombocythaemia - A Rare Condition?

I have a condition called Primary Thrombocythaemia ( P.T. ), sometimes called Essential Thrombocythaemia, Polycytosis, or simply Thrombocytosis. It is basically an excessive platelet count in the blood, which can make sufferers prone to heart attack and stroke. Allegedly, in rare cases this can develop into Leaukaemia.

There seems to be little information available on this subject, specifically the cause or reason for high platelet levels. Most of the available web sites seem to be full of technical jargon, which I find rather confusing.
There is a working party in the U.K. performing trials on drugs (with a list of unpleasant side effects) that suppress platelet counts / production but not, it seems, to identify root causes.

As well as monitoring my condition, I am conducting research to establish if there is any common elements that connect sufferers e.g. diet, exposure to chemicals, genetics, amalgam dental fillings, age, fitness levels, other illnesses / ailments, drug use, etc.

Backtracking - Is it possible to calculate when your condition started?

If you would like to find out more, or if you have Primary / Essential Thrombocythaemia / Thrombocytosis and would like to help establish the cause, and hopefully then find the solution, please contact myelf in the strictest confidence (use an alias, if you prefer) using the Contact Page


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