My Work History

My research does not indicate any evidence of a connection between Thrombocythaemia and work related exposures, but this table is included to show some of the chemicals I have been in contact with over the years.

I am of course exposed to common household chemicals, and foods that are affected by modern packaging and processing techniques, but this is something few of us in the western world can avoid. It's difficult with my resources to establish any connection to these and the rise of Thrombocythemia.

Sep 79 -
May 81
Tyre Manufacture/
Apprentice electrician
Carbon Black, rubber industry environment, engineering chemicals and fumes.
Jul 81 -
Jan 89
Domestic and Industrial Heating & Plumbing/
Installation Assistant
Jointing compounds, cutting oils, solvent based glues, fumes from soldering fluxes.
Jan 89 -
May 90
Ironmongery Supply/
Delivery Driver
Diesel fumes.
Jun 90 -
Dec 96 <Diagnosed>
Major Brewery/
Production Controller
Food industry cleaning materials (caustic, various acids and bleaches), beer additives (enzymes and other chemicals), exposure to Carbon Dioxide.
Oct 97 -
May 2001

Car Manufacture/
Paint Division Worker

Solvent based paint fumes, paint additives, neat solvents.
May 2001 -
Rail Industry/
None - Unless you include Office Air Conditioning as a risk.

There may be more exposures to add to this list - these are the ones that I can remember.

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